Bermudas is officially born… although some of you already knew we’ve been fooling around for a bit.

For those who don’t know, Bermudas is named after the coordinates of a place, a space that, from afar, seems somewhat vague, in the middle of many things, contradictory, difficult to grasp.

The complication, to understand. In order to find out what Bermudas is or might be, we must tear down the limits between art and technology, bring the physical closer to the virtual, try to connect the ethereal to the humane.

And this is Bermudas’ mission, to triangulate with all these concepts and, from innovation and creativity, design experiences that can be applied to any idea, discipline or craft.

Triangulate! Of course, the famous triangle! Bermudas! That’s what this is about… We’re not sure whether we are an island, or an archipelago, if we’re traveling on a boat or a spaceship, but we know perfectly where we are and, especially, where we want to get to. We are sailors and astronauts, always explorers!

And from this navigating philosophy we want to be ambassadors of the disruptive, the transversal and collaborative.


That’s why Bermudas is born with four evolving projects, in constant development, to which you are invited to join:

  • Innovation Lab, where we promote independent educational and technological collaboration events with designers, developers, start-ups, musicians and artists. In these events we produce, in a collaborative fashion, transforming projects that dwell in art, design, music and interaction.
  • Inmersive 360º,  where we investigate the keys of 360 video and photography to develop virtual reality and stereoscopic vision systems, designing expanded audiovisual experiences.
  • Wereable Hacking, where we experiment with intelligent materials and ubiquitous processors to create ephemeral, portable and wearable architecture with which to hack our own bodies.
  • AV Interaction, we are originally experts in the foundation of AV synthesising and processing, creating installations and interactive experiences in spaces and minds.


Toño Cabanelas
CEO / Co-Founder